May 22, 2011

Change the way you think

How much water does it take to make... slice of bread? 10 gallons hamburger? 4,000 - 18,000 gallons medium sized apple? 18.5 gallons sheet of printer paper? 2.6 gallons cotton t shirt? 400 gallons latte? 50 gallons
Check out this video by the World Wildlife Fund
This video's message is true: We have to change the way we think. Whether you are picking out a car or an afternoon snack, take some time to think about it's impact on the world. 

Water is just the beginning: Were the workers who made it treated fairly? What resources were used in making, processing, packaging, and shipping it? Will it become trash soon or last a long time? Is there a more eco-friendly option? 

We can change our politicians and our lightbulbs, but for real change to happen, we have to change the way we think. 

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